2025's Late Summer Rankings Movers

The summer has largely come to a close, and there's been no shortage of shakeup in the rankings. Here, we'll break down the biggest risers in the 2025 rankings.

Top 150 rankings for all four classes are available here.


Darius Acuff moves up to 13th (+10)

Jaden Toombs  moves up to 14th (+8)

Darius Adams  moves up to 17th (+10)

Nate Ament moves up to 21st (+12)

Nigel Walls moves up to 26th (+16)

Joshua Lewis moves up to 30th (+22)

Kayden Edwards moves up to 31st (+7)

Niko Bundalo moves up to 44th (+31)

Chuck Love moves up to 49th (+12)
Phoenix Gill moves up to 51st (+17)

Kaidon Rayfield moves up to 56th (+16)

Xzavion Mitchell moves up to 59th (+10)

London Jemison moves up to 63rd (UR)

Modou Fall Thiam moves up to 72nd (+7)

Nigel James moves up to 75th (+19)

Jamarion Batemon moves up to 76th (+14)

Jalen Reece moves up to 79th (+32)

Courtland Muldrew moves up to 82nd (UR)

Zach Kinziger moves up to 101st (+16)

Isaac Carr moves up to 110th (+33)

Semetri Carr moves up to 124th (UR)

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