2026's Late Summer Rankings Movers

The summer has largely come to a close, and there's been no shortage of shakeup in the rankings. Here, we'll break down the biggest risers in the 2026 rankings.

Top 150 rankings for all four classes are available here.

Jason Crowe Jr moves up to 9th (+2)

Trent Perry  moves up to 14th (+8)

Kayden Allen moves up to 19th (+17)

Dakari Spear moves up to 21st (+21)

Dylan Mingo moves up to 22nd (+8)

Isaiah Ward moves up to 23rd (+12)

Kevin Thomas moves up to 34th (+6)

Nasir Price moves up to 36th (+7)

Gabe Sularski moves up to 38th (+11)

Sinan Huan moves up to 46th (+26)

Markus Kerr moves up to 49th (+30)

Katrelle Harmon moves up to 53rd (+8)

Cole Cloer moves up to 61st (+32)

Ashton Pierce moves up to 64th (+7)

Austin Brown moves up to 74th (+31)

Aiden Derkack moves up to 88th (+22)

Stevie Reynolds III moves up to 93rd (+11)

Darius Bivins moves up to 125th (+21)

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