Cooper Flagg leads the list of High School's best forward prospects

As the season approaches, our team sat down to zoom out and take a grand look at the nation's elite. While the exercise most clearly outlines the top prospects to keep tabs on, it also helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of certain classes. Age, upside, path of progression and much more are taken into account here.

While it's an inexact science stacking up more accomplished prospects closer to being a finished product with others just beginning their high school careers, it's an exceedingly valuable process to parse through the nuances of each and every prospect. Moving forward, this will be an exercise we run through quarterly. Here, we'll zoom in on the 20 top forward prospects in high school basketball.

1. Cooper Flagg

2. Cameron Boozer

3. Jayden Quaintance

4. Koa Peat

5. Caleb Wilson

6. Paul Osaruyi

7. Flory Bidunga

8. Asa Newell

9. Bryson Tiller

10. Nate Ament

11. Godson Okokoh

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