15 Big Things From Friday and Saturday at UAA Session 2

Tripped out to Rock Hill and UAA Session 2 has unveiled a variety of new names and plenty of notable developments. Plenty more to come on following the weekend, but here are 15 takeaways from the past two days of action.

— No burying the lead here, Houston Defender’s Jeremiah Cooper is one 2025’s elite defender. The 6-8 big is loaded with length and impacted just about everything around the rim. Twitchy, covers ground in a hurry, coverage versatile and rectifies wrongs at the rim in recovery. The Houston native isn't asked to do much offensively, but showed touch out to 18 feet. In two full games, Cooper had at least four blocks in each and impacted many, many more. It shouldn’t be long till his offer list grows.


— Andrew Crawford has officially emerged on the national front, but this isn’t news to us. In this same gym last summer alongside Baye Fall and Assane Diop, Crawford popped in a big way with the Colorado Hawks. Since, the 6-6 G has taken a leap as a shot-maker and still boasts intriguing tempo and feel as a slasher. The Colorado native recently added an Oregon offer and there may be more where that came from. Crawford debuted in the top 85 of our 2024 rankings and will make another jump in the near future.


— You can count on one hand the amount of prospects in North America who play with more brute force and power than Canada Elite's Efeosa Oliogu. A dynamo defensively, the 6-5 high-flyer routinely blew up actions en route to the most complete game I've seen him string together in years of evaluation. Long been a willing shooter, it's beginning to fall with more consistently, only highlighting his ability to do damage at the rim and make plays for others when getting downhill even more so. In a class that's only growing more loaded at the top, Oliogu continues to trend up although he's been amongst the elite for sometime now. He'll rise from no. 18 in our ranks shortly.


— Bryson Wheatfall has been riding a strong spring and that continued in Rock Hill. Came away impressed by his overall intensity and edge more than anything, but he’s a gifted scorer and puts a ton of pressure on the rim. On the fringes of our top 100 in 2025, he’s in for a rise before long. The 6-4 G capped a big day with a pull-up buzzer beater in a wire to wire battle against KC Run GMC.


— Been some buzz out West throughout the year on WCE's Mazi Mosleyand for due reason. Still in the early stages physically and the sustained production isn't quite there yet, but the flashes are big. A fluid mover with a smooth handle and soft touch in his float game, the 6-4 G boasts an intriguing ceiling looking ahead. Debuted inside the top 100 of our 2025 rankings.


— It's been impressive tracking the development of Cole Certa from an undersized catch & shoot threat to a 6-4 nuclear perimeter scorer with on and off ball versatility. There's still more room for adjustment when playing against physical, longer athletes, but the movement shooting and range on his shot are amongst the elite I've seen from coast to coast in 2024. Notre Dame, Iowa and the in-state Illini were at each one of his games courtside and look to have the inside track in his recruitment.


— Evaluated Shon Abaev for the first time almost two years ago at our South Academy and numerous times along way, there's one theme that sticks out with every viewing — he might be the most confident scorer in the country. The 6-7 wing is capable of taking over any given game and the rim is an ocean when he get it going. On an island, the Israeli national is a gifted bucket-getter and is absolutely fearless.


Nasir Meyer, while still raw in a number of areas, is extremely naturally talented and should be much more coveted on the recruiting trail before long. The 6-6 2024 wing is still just 16-years-old and is in his first summer playing AAU basketball, but strung together some eye-popping scoring sequences for West Coast Elite. He has an incredible story, and the natural scoring instincts to match. The Agoura, CA native will be one I'm tracking closely moving forward.


— First live look at King Grace this weekend, I've been impressed by his impact now and even more bullish on his trajectory. The Texas Impact wing isn't like most athletic, toolsy young prospects — Grace plays with a real edge and showed off some big time defensive instincts. Blocking shots in rotation, shooting passing lanes, generating deflections and stripping drivers, he's left quite the impression while playing up the past two days. The 6-4 high flyer opened as a top 60 prospect for us in 2025, and while there's more refining ahead in terms of consistent energy transfer in his jumper and tightening up his handle, he'll be making a jump next go around.


— A surprise to none, Middlesex Magic brings forth a variety of intriguing prospects. I'll have more on some of the other guys later in the week, but Ryan Altman has been the big standout for me. The 6-6 wing displayed enticing connective traits, attacking closeouts to make plays for shooters and making quick decisions off the catch, while making some big plays on the defensive end. Tough, around the clock motor, has a nice floor game and an impressive feel. One that should gain more mid-major traction out East before long.


— 2025 wing Amari Allen played a reserve role this season with IMG Academy, but had showed big flashes late in the year and a solid feel for making an impact on the margins when given the opportunity. It hasn't all been seamless, the 6-7 athlete has been experimenting with plenty more on-ball creation with this home-state Playground team and the up's have been enticing. Multi-level shot-making, fluid slashing and an overall more versatile impact than any prior viewing. Even in season at IMG, it was clear he had plenty more to his game than what he was able to show, but thus far with WI PGC he's been able to play through his mistakes more and the positive stretches have grown more substantial.


Kai Rogers has become a familiar name in Big 10 recruiting circles and his physical progression was glaring the past two days. The Wisconsin native has clearly shed weight and added quickness, opening the door for more mobility defensively and pop around the rim. The 6-10 big's ball skills, touch and overall feel should continue to improve with reps, but his ability to defend the paint and own the glass provide plenty of value. 


— At last years UAA Finals in Chicago, AZ Select's Anthony Batson was in the very early stages of his recruitment process and showed intriguing flashes as on-ball defender. About 10 months later, it seems the rise is about here. At 6-4 with a plus five wingspan and fast-twitch athleticism, Batson can lock up on ball and bothered numerous highly touted guards with his ball pressure. On the offensive end, he's progressed as a handler and put pressure on the rim all throughout games. The Scottsdale native's strengths translate in a big way and I'd expect his name to be trending in mid-major circles before long.


Bradley Longcor is beginning to make his ascension. It's been my first live evaluation of the Quincy, Illinois native but the 6-3 G has been generating buzz in the western part of the state for a bit now. A dynamic ball handler with mature vision, Longcor has excelled creating out of the pick & roll and distributing to flanking teammates. Eager to see more, specifically to see him more assertive creating his own offense, but he's got the ball on a string and has a feel for the game that's hard to miss. Lot to like looking ahead.


— On a team with three very well regarded prospect, Will Garlock out of Middleton, Wisconsin, has asserted himself as one to track. The 6-10, 2025 big man spaces the floor out to beyond the arc and has advanced feel for his size. Soft hands, impressive touch and strong instincts off the ball, there's an intriguing foundation in place here.

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