UAA Session 2: Wing Breakdown

Tripped out to Rock Hill, South Carolina for UAA's Session 2 action. After last weekend in Atlanta getting a look at a variety of headliners across all classes, the weekend in Rock Hill unveiled plenty of under the radar prospects I'll be monitoring closely moving forward. Here, I'll break down the wing prospects by who left the most significant impression.


1. Efeosa Oliogu | 2025 W, Canada Elite

In now multiple years of evaluation, the weekend, and specifically a matchup with SOH Elite, was the most complete run of action I've seen Oliogu string together. Stocked with extreme power and raw force to his approach on both ends of the floor, it's been about adding polish, refining his handle and slowing the game down offensively. The 6-6 wing has begun to do so, shooting with more fluidity off the catch, playing at a wider range of speeds in the half-court and making quicker reads as a downhill passer. Long had playmaking instincts on the defensive end, that impact is only growing as the age differential between him and his opponents has shrunk. Blowing up DHO's, smothering weaker scorers on the perimeter and making plays at the rim recovery. The top-15 wing has made progression in his game in numerous key areas, and there's not many coast to coast who pack more of a punch athletically.


2. King Grace| 2025 W, Texas Impact

First live look at the Texas native and the appeal was clear from the onset. Long limbs to go with some subtle explosiveness, it was his feel and instincts that quickly separated him from most wings in his archetype at the same stage. Out on the perimeter defensively, Grace excels slithering through screens to get under ball handlers and stay attached through traffic. On the back-end, the high-wired 6-4 athlete made numerous plays at the rim meeting drivers in recovery. Offensively, the flashes as a cutter were intriguing, but there is room for further polish in terms of energy transfer on his shot and refining his handle. More than any of the nuanced detail, I came away impressed by his feel for the game and overall approach.


3. Shon Abaev | 2025 W, SOH Elite

First got a look at the Israeli-born wing almost two years and there's remained one constant each step of the way playing with exorbitant amounts of confidence each time he steps on the floor. Now, he's steadily growing more efficient in his approach and shooting the ball with supreme versatility. Off the catch and unbothered by contests or off the dribble creating space with his snappy handle, there's an impressive level of polish to his perimeter shooting profile and the myriad of counters to get to his spots. The 6-7 wing excels playing off of pivots, countering from there to find just a pocket of space to fire. Still room to grow in terms of impacting the game in more areas, but the 2025 scorer plays with fire and is among the most polished bucket-getters in his class.


4. Nasir Meyer| 2024 W, West Coast Elite

New name onto the radar, and one I'm intrigued to track moving forward. A wiry 6-6 wing with twitch to him, Meyer came off the bench and quickly got to it. A naturally gifted scorer with quick burst, skill off the bounce and pull-up shot-making ability, he strung together a few big scoring sequences and sprinkled in flashes all throughout the weekend for WCE. Meyer is in his first season of AAU basketball and is low on reps overall, but has notable ability and enticing foundation to build upon. Among the very youngest prospects I've come upon within his class, his best basketball is well ahead of him.


5. Ryan Altman| 2025 W, Middlesex Magic

It's not all flashy or head-turning, but came away impressed by Altman's impact on both ends and feel as a connector piece. The 6-6 wing's competitiveness and demeanor were notable from the jump, talking consistently and playing with around the clock energy. Defensively, Altman popped as a help defender, continuously closing gaps proactively and disrupting the organization of drivers around the rim. On the other end, he's an active cutter and brought plenty of value off the ball. Different levels of polish and assertiveness at the same stage, but the Middlesex Magic wing's approach and connective traits reminded me of Princeton wing Caden Pierce. Elevates the guys around him, does the dirty work and processes the game faster than just about anyone on the floor.


6. Jayce Nathaniel | 2024 W, Team Curry

Nathaniel popped onto the radar with some big showings during the high school season and that's begun to carry over. At 6-9 with high level mobility, the Lanier (GA) native leapt out as an ideal four-man at the next level. Hard digs defending off the ball to disrupt drivers, well timed rotations to impact shots at the rim and a will to rebound through other bodies. Offensively, much of his shot diet came in transition and on second chance opportunities, but he flashed shooting ability off the catch. As his decision-making process speeds up on that end over time, there's a lot to like. Become a fan of how his game projects to scale up at the next level and there's plenty of room for further development.


7. TJ Williams| 2024 W, KC Run GMC

Andrew Crawford caught the headlines coming off the weekend, but TJ Williams aggression and productivity were hard to ignore flanking him. A bruising secondary creator with a rugged, downhill approach. The 6-4 wing brought value on the glass, consistently playing bigger than he is and sheds defenders in traffic at a high level. Tough, physical and full of counters to put pressure on the rim, it'd be no surprise to see his recruitment catch some momentum once again as he looks like a guy that'll be ready to produce early on at the next level.


8. Amari Allen| 2025 W, WI Playground

One of the many perks of spring and summer action, getting a more extended look at prospects who served in reserve roles on national powers. Allen provided energy through stretches this year, specifically late in the season, for IMG Academy but never quite carved out a consistent role in the rotation. With Wisconsin PGC, the 6-7 wing experimented with offensive creation all throughout the weekend. While it went more quiet down the back end, the stretches of shot-making off the bounce and fluid slashes through traffic popped in a big way early in the weekend. The Wisconsin native has shown he can provide value in a complementary role, defending multiple positions and driving closeouts, but the higher usage and heightened offensive versatility could be a glimpse at what's to come.


9. O'Marion Harvey| 2025 W, Houston Defenders

As previously mentioned with Bryson Wheatfall in the Backcourt Breakdown, Houston Defenders 16's play an entertaining brand of basketball and Harvey is the fulcrum of that in many ways. The fast-twitch 6-7 wing flies around from tip to final whistle, tracking down lackadaisical passes to spur offense going the other way and filling the lane in transition to finish with flair. Long strides, impressive body control and raw ability in the open floor, Harvey makes things happen and doesn't go long before finding himself in the middle of the action. There's an enticing foundation of physical tools to build upon looking ahead.

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