Website Features: Search Filter & Rankings Trends

Now pushing close to seven months with our new website live, we've continued to roll out new phases of features. Here, I'll zoom in more on the addition of our forward-facing search filter, along with new trending arrows living within our rankings.

Beginning with the search filter, a feature that's primarily lived on our scouting service side for college coaches, we've rolled it over to the front-side to allow for an easier visibility of finding prospects. With nearly 4,000 prospects to sort through, you're able to filter by height, badge, state, position, class and name. All useful in their own right, but filtering for badges has unlocked a whole new way to identify prospects creatively. The search filter can be accessed by hovering over the top right 'Rankings' tab in the banner, then hitting Player Finder.


Moving onto to Rankings Trends, visitors are now able to see both positive and negative movement within the rankings for prospects. The green, up arrows signify a rise in ranking along with the number, showing the slots they've risen, while the red, down arrow marks their drop. The blue arrow denotes a new entrant to the rankings, from being previously unranked. Number of other platforms show movement in different manners, and some do not whatsoever, but we believe this gives coaches and consumers a lens into how our evaluations have shifted over time. Our next steps will be creating individualized reports on prospects to reflect their movement over time from their initial freshman rankings till the end of high school.



Stay tuned for more!

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