West Circuit Preview: Vegas Elite

Just like that, Year X of the Winter Circuit is around the corner. Here, I'll be taking an early look at the Red League teams out West. Today, we've got Vegas Elite.

The 2027 Vegas Elite group put together a strong year in the West Circuit, and a group that had a number of future Top-150 prospects. The expectations remain the same, as the 2028 group returns with a few familiar names to go with some new names who've drawn lofty reviews.

Trey McKinney, a 6-3 wing, may have big leap in store. A fluid scorer with natural athleticism, instincts and plenty more to tap into long-term.

Taj Ingram, 6-5, and Alex Moore, 6-6, will separate this group from others with their size, but also how their games complement each other. Ingram is a physical scorer who can carve up space in deep, while Moore has unique shooting touch and intriguing feel for his size and age.

A group that will pride itself on half-court execution, but does want to get out and run with every opportunity. Aaron McMorran, who broke out this summer at our West Academy, and Deuce Jones will be key.

Hudson Danels will be a new name we're keeping close tabs on, whom the staff has expressed plenty of long-term promise with.

The staff said, "We're going to be able to play a ton of different styles depending on the matchup. At the base of that is our ability to score in transition and produce easy looks."




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