West Circuit Preview: Team Why Not

And just like that, Year X of the Winter Circuit is around the corner. Here, I'll be taking an early look at the Red League teams out West. Today, we've got Team Why Not.

The core of this year is coming off a very nice winter out west last year, being the team to beat for much of the regular season. Now a year older with a few new pieces in the mix, they expect to take another step forwards towards finishing the job. 

Jordan Mize put together a strong winter last year, but looks bound for a breakout campaign. Versatile and creative, he brings forth plenty of long-term intrgue.

Number of different guys who might be in the mix, but Parks Weaver is the potential X-factor for this group. Coach Walker said, “He's played well, but he's continued to grow his game."

Why Not will lean heavily on the productivity of Adan Diggs. Dynamic athletically and energetic in his approach, he’ll be tough to keep off the floor. "He's capable of being the best player on the floor every game" said Coach.

As far as looking ahead long-term, we’ll be keeping close tabs on Michael McIntrye. The young big impressed heavily at West Academy last month and looks to be among the more impressive 2028 frontcourt prospects we've seen thus far.

Team Why Not comes in with a newfound energy. Coach said,"The fact of the matter is, this core group has experience playing together. They know one another and now are starting to understand and lock in on the common goal."





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