West Circuit Preview: Woodz Elite

Just like that, Year X of the Winter Circuit is around the corner. Here, I'll be taking an early look at the Red League teams out West. Today, we've got Woodz Elite.

Fresh off a winter full of flashes out West, Woodz Elite now looks to make the next step in their elevation to the Red Lea8ue. 

It all starts with the man in the middle for Woodz -- now 6-10 Dylan Betts. His size and pedigree flashed game in and game out last year, and I'd expect those moments to grow even louder. Coach said, "His ceiling is sky high long-term"

Fixtures in the frontcourt and the backcourt, but a trio of prospects around them will be key in elevating Woodz. We'll be keeping close tabs on Darien Proctor, Tristan Robinson and Lee Robinson -- as Coach said, "If they don't show up, it'll be tough to win games. They're capable of doing a ton of little things for us."

Once again, Woodz Elite will lean heavily on the production of Demetrius Lambert. A versatile, athletic guard stocked with skill and defensive chops, expectations are high this winter.

In terms of what will separate them from the pack, Woodz Elite prides itself on the defensive end. 

"Last year, we had a very young group compared to the competition. Now with a year under our belt, the focus is to defend without fouling and take care of the ball."




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