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2025 G Cole Leinart Has Bloodlines & Game To Match

By Travis Graf, 11/05/20, 2:00PM CST


2025 G Cole Leinart is gaining traction on the West Coast

Not many kids have the athletic bloodline that Cole Leinart has. Cole’s father, Matt Leinart, was a star quarterback for the USC Trojans in the 2000’s, while his mother, Brynn Cameron, was a star on the hardwood for the USC women’s basketball team.

“My parents have always told me to be true to myself no matter what and that I can accomplish anything if I work hard enough,” he said. “They push me to be the best I can be and have fun!”

While Leinart is a fantastic basketball player, he also does very well in the sport his father used to dominate.

“I play football", he said. “I love playing quarterback and wide receiver on offense. On defense, I love rushing the passer and getting sacks. As of right now, my favorite sport is basketball but I love both.”

In an evaluation of his basketball game, Leinart says that his strengths are definitely shooting, passing and rebounding. Over the summer, he’s been working really hard on his ball-handling and coming off screens.

A pandemic couldn’t keep Leinart from working on his craft and enjoying being a kid.

“I’ve really tried to keep busy during COVID-19,” he said. “When things were shut down, I rode bikes and went to the beach when I could. I’ve worked out a lot during this time as well on and off the field and court. I’ve also been going surfing and playing pickup a lot for fun.”

Just an eighth grader, Leinart has already had some sports memories that many people dream of, regardless of age.

“I have a lot of great sports memories,” he said. “My favorite one was hitting a buzzer beater to win against the Sky Riders while Kobe was watching at MADE Hoops West Coast Winter Circuit last year. I played in seven super bowls with my football team and won six, which was awesome. Lastly, being a part of Manhattan Beach Little League All-Stars and finishing as one of the top teams in the state two years in a row.”

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