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MADE Hoops MSA East Coast Camp: 2025 Standouts

By Tony McNiff, 06/09/21, 12:30PM CDT


2025 Amare Marshall

2021 MADE Hoops MSA East Coast Camp: 2025 Standouts

Amare Marshall, 2025 Wing/Forward: Amare was a physically advanced prospect, who was a dominant force on the inside. He is a positionless player, who can play on the wing or down low. He had a good mid-range game, being able to stretch the floor and create better spacing for the offense. A problem on the inside, Amare uses his frame to rebound on both ends of the floor. Defensively, he can serve as a rim protector, and does a good job contesting shots and rebounding. 

Melvin Brown, 2025 Guard: Brown was a left-handed guard, who impressed me with his offensive skill set. A crafty guard with a tight handle, he can help his team in a variety of ways. He shows off his craftiness getting by defenders with his dribble moves, being able to knock down mid-range shots. Brown can also score at the rim or takes a floater if it is the best shot possible. He had solid vision, being able to display his IQ and playmaking abilities to help his team.

Nicholas Matos, 2025 Guard: Matos may be undersized, yet he manages to consistently produce for his team. A pass-first point guard who showed off his vision all weekend long in different ways. Matos reads the pick and roll well, knowing when to get into the lane and drive, or pass to the screener. On the defensive end of the ball, he applies constant pressure to force turnovers. A true point guard who never took a play off all weekend, he plays with high energy every game. Matos was also a great teammate, constantly encouraging his teammates and acknowledging his own mistakes. 

Jordan Wilson, 2025 Guard: Wilson was at his best pushing the pace, looking to be a playmaker in the open floor. He was a smooth guard with a tight handle who showed great court vision, delivering spot-on passes to his teammates all weekend. Wilson could get into the lane and score at the rim, however, he always looked for an open teammate. He showed a high IQ, knowing when to drop the ball down to a big. He was very good at penetrating the defense, finding a drive and kick play for an open look. 

Jayden Harrington, 2025 Guard: Harrington was impressive in drill stations and in scrimmages for his team. He is a standout shooter from the perimeter who plays well off the ball due to his constant movement. He can handle the ball and run the offense, while controlling the pace of the game. Harrington can get into the lane, looking to finish at the rim or pass to an open teammate. He also showed off his court vision throughout the weekend, reading the pick and roll well delivering passes to the screener. 

Kyle Robke, 2025 Guard: An athletic guard who affects the game in multiple ways with his versatility. He is a two-way guard who consistently applies uptight pressure to disrupt the opponent’s flow of offense. Robke is a good rebounder for a guard, having the ability to take the ball coast to coast. He shows good vision, seeing open teammates and getting the ball to them immediately. Robke is also a talented slasher, being able to get by defenders and finish at the rim. 

Juan Aponte2025 Guard: Aponte impressed me during shooting drills, with his consistency shooting off the dribble from mid-range and knocking down 3-point shots. He was a crafty guard with a tight handle who could get himself into the lane as well. He showed solid vision in games as well, being able to find open teammates. On the floor he was a constant threat as a scorer, with the ability to get into the lane. He showed a high level of intensity throughout the weekend, working his hardest to get better.

Michael Hughes, 2025 Guard: Hughes was a crafty guard who showed off his offensive talents and IQ throughout the weekend. He used his craftiness to get into the lane looking to take floaters or kick the ball out for an open look. Hughes had standout changes of pace, using dribble moves and his footwork to get to the rim. On the perimeter, he could knock down 3-point shots off the catch, making him a threat around the floor. He showed off his vision with a variety of kick out and drop-down passes. 

Amir Panagiotis, 2025 Guard: A big, quick, guard who excels in the open floor and driving to the basket. He has a very quick first step, along with a combination of impressive dribble moves he uses to get to the rim. He finishes strong through contact, with the ability to finish acrobatically. He is dangerous in the open floor, using his speed and handle to get to the rim quickly. Off the ball, he is constantly cutting, looking to catch a defender sleeping on a backdoor cut. 

Massiah Stevens, 2025 Guard: Stevens is a lightning quick guard, who blows by defenders with his top tier speed. He has an impressive combination of dribble moves that he uses to create separation to shoot or get into the lane. Stevens can shoot in the mid-range area, while being a threat from 3-point range. Defensively, he has top tier lateral quickness allowing him to put pressure on guards. With his athleticism and skill set, Stevens is a player to remember at the next level. 

Jaylen Hunter, 2025 Guard: Hunter was a quick point guard who did it all for his team over the weekend. He had a tight handle, with the ability to read the defense in transition, the half court, or the pick and roll. He showed off his vision, displaying his IQ knowing where to pass the ball for the best shot possible. Hunter gets downhill quick, showing off his acceleration with the ball in his hands. This gets him to the rim frequently, giving him the chance to finish, or draw attention from the defense for a kick out pass to an open teammate.

Yusri Razzaq, 2025 Guard: Razzaq was a true two-way guard that showed excellent defense throughout the weekend. He had elite lateral quickness, guarding multiple positions, and staying in front of opponent’s all game long. He had a good touch around the rim, being able to shoot floaters and contested layups. He also had impressive court vision, being a high IQ player not throwing risky passes. As his jump shot consistency continues to improve, he can become a talented two-way prospect at the next level. 

Ethan Hodnett-Bell, 2025 Wing: Hodnett-Bell is an athletic wing who stood out especially as a slasher. He had a quick first step he used to get downhill and finished in a variety of ways at the rim. A versatile scorer, Hodnett-Bell can knock down 3-point shots mainly off the catch on the perimeter. Defensively, Hodnett-Bell uses his athleticism to an advantage allowing him to guard multiple positions. He loved to force turnovers and go coast to coast looking to push the pace whenever possible. 

Sebastian Edwards, 2025 Wing: Edwards was a crafty player who had a standout offensive skill set. He loved slashing towards the rim, finishing through contact, finishing with either hand, or through traffic. He presented a quick first step with good changes of pace to work his way to the rim. Using his quick step and handle, this allows Edwards to get open mid-range shots which he was able to knock down. On the perimeter, Edwards was a standout shooter whenever a defender had a hand down. 

Dante Regan, 2025 Wing: Regan was a shifty wing with a smooth game on the offensive end, especially. He uses his tight handle and dribble moves to blow by defenders, looking for pull up jump shots, or to finish at the rim. He showed off the ability to score in the mid-range area, while being a threat from the 3-point line. With his tight handle, Regan would run the offense at times looking to pass or blow by a defender. Regan can certainly have a bright future, especially if he continues to grow.

Jared Butler Jr., 2025 Wing: Jared is an athletic, lengthy wing who is versatile on both ends of the floor. Offensively, he can run the point or play off the ball, using his athleticism to drive by defenders. He is a talented slasher, who has a quick first step that gets him downhill quickly. He can finish through contact and traffic impressively well, using his length to finish over and around defenders. Defensively, Butler Jr. has top tier lateral quickness, which allows him to guard multiple positions.

Brian Collins, 2025 Wing: Collins can play on the perimeter, or down low in the post using his frame to an advantage. He was a standout defender, switching onto guards all weekend and staying in front of them. He finishes strong inside, having the ability to finish through contact or use either hand at the rim. Collins is an unselfish player, who is always willing to give up the ball for the best shot possible. 

Mujahid Jones, 2025 Guard/Wing: Jones had a standout handle, and had the ability to run the point or play on the wing. His quick first step and standout dribble move got him to the basket frequently. He had a sense of pulling up in the mid-range area, knowing when it was going to be an open look. He was a talented slasher who got himself to the free throw line often throughout the weekend. Defensively, he used his lateral quickness to stay in front of defenders looking to force turnovers. 

Parris Moses, 2025 Wing: Moses has a good handle and he uses it to get himself to the rim and in positions to pass the ball. He stood out with his court vision, delivering kick out passes to cutters, or reading the pick and roll right. At the rim, he finished with either hand or strong through contact. His downhill playing style earned him frequent trips to the free-throw line throughout the weekend. Moses loved to push the ball and look to attack the rim or find an open teammate. 

Ethan Johnston, 2025 Wing: Johnston was an athletic wing who could score in a variety of ways. Offensively, he was a threat on the perimeter with his quick release, yet he had the ability to pump fake and drive. Johnston got inside frequently, using a smooth handle to get himself into the lane. He finished in traffic well and drew fouls frequently with his slashing skills getting to the rim. Defensively, Johnston could guard multiple positions and hold his own rebounding against bigger opponents.

Bryce Guitard, 2025 Wing: Guitard impressed with his overall feel for the game, and the way he helped his team. He had impressive court vision, doing a good job of drawing the defense and delivering drop down passes to a big. He had a solid handle, which he used in the open floor to push the ball and look to be a playmaker. He knocked down some 3-point shots over the weekend, proving to be a threat from the outside. Guitard worked hard all weekend and boxed out anyone he could to help his team rebound defensively. 

Jalen Proctor-Sawyer, 2025 Wing: Proctor-Sawyer is a talented wing, who thrives at getting to the basket in isolation situations. He has a tight handle, along with impressive bursts of acceleration he frequently uses to get by defenders. He has good court vision, being able to drive and kick out for an open 3-point look. Proctor-Sawyer proved to be a threat from the perimeter, knocking down catch and shoot 3-point shots over the weekend. 

Robby Lucas, 2025 Forward: Lucas was an inside-out forward, who was a standout on both ends of the floor. Offensively, he stood out with his mid-range shooting, showing no hesitation if a defender had a hand down. He could score at the rim, especially against smaller defenders backing them down. Lucas was also a standout rebounder, with his ability to get rebounds on both ends of the floor. 

Dawson Townsend, 2025 Wing: Townsend was a dominant inside presence, who brought issues for opposing teams. He was a great player in the post, who scored through contact well using his frame. He impressed me with his handle for his size, showing the potential to expand upon his versatility. Defensively, Townsend uses his frame to contest shots without fouling, or blocking shots. He is a dominant player on the inside, who tries to rebound each miss that comes his way. 

Mekhi Ragland, 2025 Post: Ragland is a prospect with tons of potential, due to his size, already being 6’8. A dominant post player, Ragland uses his height and frame to his advantage to score in the paint. He can post up most players, with the ability to back them down and get a good shot opportunity. He can be a dominant rebounder at times, with the ability to rebound over smaller defenders on both ends of the floor. If Ragland can continue to develop his jump shot and speed, he could become a very good player at the next level.

Osa Idada, 2025 Forward: Idada was an interior force throughout the weekend, who is physically advanced. He knows when to seal position against smaller defenders, and shows his strength finishing through contact at the rim. Idada rebounds on both ends of the floor and uses his frame to get himself into good position to rebound the ball. Defensively, he uses his frame to not allow opposing bigs to post him up. As his perimeter game develops, he is certainly a prospect to keep an eye on. 

James Dunnemann, 2025 Forward: Dunnemann showed 100% effort the entire weekend, never giving up on a play. He had a high motor rebounding, working relentlessly on both ends of the floor to help his team. He has impressive touch around the rim, with the ability to score in the post or driving to the basket. An athletic big, he uses it to his own advantage running the floor looking for easy transition baskets. He frequently earned trips to the free throw line, outworking opponents in the paint. 

Nigel Pierman, 2025 Forward: Pierman is an inside-out player, who scores around different areas of the court. He can score inside against smaller defenders, with his ability to go up strong through contact. He showed flashes of his versatility, knocking down some mid-range jump shots. Pierman ran the floor constantly, always looking to get easy buckets in transition when his guards wanted to push the ball. He showed his slashing abilities, driving by bigger defenders out on the perimeter.

Judah Hidalgo, 2025, Wing: Hidalgo made his presence felt in a variety of ways, inside and outside of the paint. On the interior, he was a strong player who finished through contact with his advanced frame. He had the ability to shoot outside of the paint, knocking down mid-range shots stretching the floor over the weekend. He was a strong rebounder that rebounded on both ends of the floor. Hidalgo could take a rebound and go coast to coast showcasing his offensive versatility. 

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