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MADE Hoops MSA East Coast Camp: 2026 Standouts

By Tony McNiff, 06/09/21, 1:15PM CDT


2026 Pat Feamster


Patrese Feamster, 2026 Guard: Feamster is a tall, lengthy guard who played at a high level on both ends of the floor. He was very athletic and showed great bursts of acceleration getting to the rim. He played in attack mode, having a height and weight advantage against smaller guards defending him. On defense, he used his length to stuff passing lanes and force turnovers. Feamster loved to play fast and run-in transition and he used his athleticism to an advantage in the open floor getting to the rim.

Carson Miller, 2026 Guard: Miller is an undersized guard that plays his hardest to make an impact on the game. He is very shifty and displays top tier dribble moves to make his way to the rim. Miller can also shoot in the mid-range area, while being able to knock down 3-point shots off the dribble. He also can impact any game with his vision. Carson is always looking to get his teammates involved. He loved to attract attention in the lane, looking to kick the ball out to open shooters. 

Aiden Holness, 2026 Guard: Holness was a crafty guard who moved well off the ball to get open looks. He was a standout 3PT shooter, especially off the catch showing his range throughout the weekend. Holness was a relentless defender, who had good lateral quickness staying in front of bigger defenders. He also impressed me with his court vision, delivering passes in tight windows to open teammates.

Jalil Lawson, 2027 Guard: Lawson was a lightning quick point guard who excelled in the open floor pushing the pace. He had great bursts of acceleration and changes of pace, which he used to get downhill. Lawson absorbed contact surprisingly well for his body size, being able to finish through contact from bigger defenders. He knew when the best shot was to pull up in the mid-range area, showing his IQ. He was able to frequently draw fouls, getting by defenders looking to score or pass to an open big.

Jamiko Smith, 2026 Guard: Smith is a lefty guard who has the ball on a string. All weekend he was able to create for others, while being a scoring threat. Smith gets to the rim using his impressive dribble moves to look to score. Smith showed a high IQ with his drive and kick passes, doing a good job of attracting defenders towards him. This created a lot of open looks for his teammates, showing off his playmaking abilities. Defensively, Smith applied constant pressure to disrupt the flow of the opponent’s offense. 

Charlie Marcoullier, 2026 Guard: Marcoullier was a crafty guard, who had a knack for getting in the lane. He had a tight handle, with impressive dribble moves to make his way towards the basket. Marcoullier looked to finish in the lane with floaters, and frequently delivered drop down passes to open bigs, or drive and kick passes. He knocked down a few 3PT shots as well, showing his range as a shooter. He also had multiple assists, being able to see cutters, or pushing the ball in transition for easy looks. 

Keshon Mims, 2026 Guard: Mims was a scrappy defender who brought the ball up at times yet played off the ball too. He was a lengthy player who used his arms to stay in front of defenders and force turnovers. Mims was an agile guard, who pushed the pace immediately after forcing turnovers himself. In the open court, he displayed his solid handle while showing impressive changes of pace to get to the rim. As his perimeter game develops, Mims can become a talented two-way prospect in the future. 

Ethan Robert, 2026 Guard: A big guard who is a physically advanced prospect, Robert uses this to his own advantage. He is an attack mode guard, who combines his athleticism along with standout dribble moves to get to the rim. At the rim he finishes with either hand, acrobatically, or through contact well. Robert is a standout rebounder for a guard, constantly following his own shot. He also excels in the open floor, looking to get to the rim or kick the ball out to an open teammate on the perimeter. 

Ethan Kaplowitz, 2026 Guard: Kaplowitz is an undersized guard, who makes his impact known with his perimeter play. He has a decent handle, with the ability to create separation from defenders to shoot the ball. He was a standout shooter off the dribble specifically, being able to light it up from the perimeter. Kaplowitz was able to show his vision, being able to pass out of high-pressure situations. Defensively, he works his hardest to force turnovers pressing full court whenever he is on the floor. 

Keaundre Morris, 2026 Wing: Morris stood out with his shooting in drill stations and knocked down some shots in scrimmages as well. He was lethal from mid-range off the dribble, having a good feel when to pull up in the mid-range area. He showed off as a slasher as well, using his handle and athleticism to get to the rim. At the rim Morris was a solid finisher especially with his strong hand, showing a good touch around the rim. On defense, Morris was a good defender who used his athleticism to stay in front of defenders.

Mike Berry, 2026 Wing: Berry was highly productive all weekend especially on the offensive end of the floor. He is a complete scorer, who shows the ability to score on any level of the floor at a high rate. A big, physical, wing who uses his strong frame to get to the rim and finish through contact. He can knock down shots in the mid-range area, while having the ability to be a threat from 3PT range. Defensively, Berry has athleticism to guard multiple positions with his size and agility. With his three level scoring abilities and tall height already at his age, he is a prospect to remember. 

Franck Belibi, 2026 Wing: Belibi is an athletic, lengthy wing who can put points on the board in bunches. He scored all weekend on multiple levels, showing his versatility being able to score at the rim, or knock down jump shots. Belibi showed off his face-up game, being a constant threat to shoot off the catch. In transition, he ran the floor impressively well, constantly trying to get easy transition buckets. He also had the ability to grab a rebound and take the ball coast to coast with his athleticism. He impressed with his slashing abilities and the way he finished through contact or traffic. 

Dominic Nguyen, 2026 Wing: Nguyen is a positionless player who can play point guard for his team. He stood out offensively with his feel for the game, displaying his impressive court vision delivering passes to teammates all weekend. Nguyen also had a good touch around the rim, mainly finishing with floaters and acrobatic layups. He excelled pushing the ball in transition, looking to find a teammate in the open floor for an easy look.

Prestin Washington, 2026 Wing: Washington is a two-way wing who competed on a high level every game. He can play multiple positions and help out his team on both ends of the floor with his skill set. Offensively, he is a dynamic scorer who can get downhill and finish at the rim or knock down 3-point shots at a high rate. Washington is a threat from anywhere on the floor, with his quick first step allowing him to get by defenders. Defensively, he rebounds at a high rate and could guard multiple positions.

Hunter Peabody, 2026 Wing: Peabody was a bigger wing who stuffed the stat sheet with the ways he contributed to his team. He was a good rebounder who could play inside the paint against bigger opponents. He stood out defending the pick and roll, being able to switch onto a point guard, and stay in front of them. Peabody was an impressive slasher who found ways to the rim and finished strong. He had the versatility to stretch the floor with a smooth shooting stroke off the catch from the perimeter. 

Jett Washington, 2026 Wing: Washington had the ability to play on or off the ball, proving his versatility offensively. He loved to take the ball coast to coast, being able to use his athleticism in the open floor. He was a downhill player who was at his best when he was using dribble moves to get by defenders. Washington finished with floaters in the lane, strong layups through contact, or layups in traffic. He hit occasional jump shots over the weekend, however that will be a key to his development moving forward. 

Sammy Jackson, 2026 Wing: Jackson was a standout slasher, who got to the rim whenever he wanted. He had a quick first step, showing off impressive changes of pace to force his way into the lane. Jackson could also shoot the 3, being a threat on the perimeter with a quick release off the catch. He showed off his ball handling skills running the point at times, allowing him to run the offense and control the tempo of the game. Defensively, Jackson can guard multiple positions and has the lateral quickness to stay in front of guards.

Soren Lologna, 2026 Wing: Lologna played multiple positions throughout the weekend, showing his versatility as a player. He had the ability to bring up the ball or play off the ball and be a threat to score. Defensively, he played with uptight pressure looking to disrupt the flow of the opponent’s offense. In transition, he showed off his IQ cutting to the basket at the right times to get an easy look. He was a good passer, who had solid court vision being able to pass the ball to teammates around the floor.

Jaylin Williams, 2026 Forward: Williams is a lengthy forward who has tons of upside within his game. He is always protecting the rim whether it is blocking shots, or controlling the paint rebounding the ball. He has a good touch around the rim, which he uses when he looks to post up defenders. Williams showed off his great hands, reeling in drop down passes in tight spaces from guards. With his height and length, as his outside shooting develops, he is a prospect to keep an eye on. 

Hugh Stone, 2026 Forward: Stone is a dominant inside player that controls the glass on both ends of the floor. A traditional back to the basket player, Stone shows good fundamentals scoring in the post. He uses his advanced height and frame to finish through contact, against smaller defenders especially. Stone has the potential to stretch the floor, which makes him an even more dynamic player. Defensively, he does a good job of contesting shots while rebounding everything in sight. 

Henry Fox, 2026 Forward: Fox was a versatile forward that could score in multiple ways around the perimeter. He shot well off the catch especially from mid-range and 3-point range, displaying his ability to stretch the floor. He knew when to put the ball on the floor and drive past bigger defenders to get to the rim. He is an agile forward that moves well off the ball. He is always looking for open shot opportunities. Defensively, he showed flashes of being a rim protector, by blocking shots and controlling the glass. 

Eric Hillsman, 2026 Forward: Hillsman has great length for a forward, which he always tries to use for his own advantage. Offensively, Hillsman uses his length to finish over or around defenders at the rim. On defense, he is a scrappy defender that applies pressure to force turnovers. He was a standout rebounder who also played at a high level defensively, being able to guard multiple positions. Hillsman was a two way forward, and as his perimeter game develops it will help his game become versatile. 

Alex Egbuonu, 2026 Wing/Forward: Egbuonu showed off his versatility consistently throughout the weekend. He was a two-way positionless forward who played with a high energy level every time he was on the floor. Alex was a high motor rebounder who outworked opponents to rack up rebounds on both ends of the floor. Offensively, Egbuonu had an impressively quick first step that he used to get to the rim. He shows tons of upside, as his jump shot continues to develop, he is a threat at all times offensively. 

Ben Teague, 2026 Forward: Teague impressed me with hustle, which led to opportunities for him to help his team. He was a good rebounder despite not being the tallest player, and Teague would always go after the ball. On the interior, he was a good finisher especially with his strong hand. Ben had a good touch around the rim, being able to score in the post, or drive past a bigger defender out on the perimeter. Defensively, Teague defended the pick and roll well, proving he can guard multiple positions.

Zach Baum, 2026 Forward: Baum is a tall, lengthy and versatile player who stuffed the stat sheet for his team. He was a threat in the pick and pop, being able to shoot the ball consistently from mid-range or 3-point range. Offensively, he impressed me with his advanced court vision for his age and position. Baum would know when to get rid of the ball if he was double teamed and got rid of it quickly. He was a good rebounder, especially offensively using his height and length to grab rebounds.

Coley Mark, 2026 Forward: Coley is a tall forward that can stretch the floor with his shooting or score inside. He will post up smaller defenders, using his height and length to score over them frequently. He does a good job rebounding on both ends, especially on the offensive end of the floor. He was a constant threat in the pick and roll, being able to roll and score inside, or look for a jump shot. With Mark’s size for his age plus his skill set, it makes him an intriguing prospect who can become a talented player at the next level. 

Sebastian Cotte, 2027 Forward: Cotte is a versatile, agile, forward who scored in multiple ways over the weekend. A high motor player, who is always running the floor and trying to grab any rebounds in sight on both ends of the floor. Cotte protected the rim, contesting shots and blocking shots on the defensive end of the floor. He showed his ability to guard multiple positions with his agility. He showed impressive hand-eye coordination catching passes in tight windows. Cotte can play multiple positions, being able to score from the perimeter, or play down low. 

Justin Bobb, 2026 Forward: Bobb was an athletic, lengthy forward who showed major upside with his frame and current skill set. He was a high motor rebounder who was a ball magnet the entire weekend. He showed off his hand eye coordination and catching abilities, being able to catch the ball and go straight up with it. Defensively, he was a standout rim protector who blocked multiple shots and rebounded the ball. If Bobb can improve upon his perimeter game, he could be a dangerous two-way prospect at the next level.

Darrell Nderitu, 2026 Post: Nderitu was a dominant inside presence, yet he had the ability to stretch the floor on the perimeter. He was a standout post player, with his footwork and ability to finish through contact. He posted up smaller defenders all weekend, using his weight and height to an advantage. Defensively, Nderitu did a good job hedging when defending the pick and roll, showing his defensive versatility and IQ. He also did a good job contesting shots without fouling, always protecting the rim for his team.

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