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EYBL Session 2: Film Review

By Max Feldman, 04/29/22, 2:00PM CDT


After touching on 25+ prospects in the First EYBL Session Review, I went back to the well following an eventful second live period in Indianapolis. Here, I dove into 40+ prospects from Session 2 ranging in age and regard.

Jalik Dunkley-Distant (Bounce Elite) put forth arguably the most eye-opening tape from EYBL’s session two. 6-7 2024 guard with explosiveness, a strong motor, length, advanced vision & live dribble playmaking. Defends multiple spots and a downhill force. Bound for a breakout.

Adam Ayrault exploded as a zone killer in Sunday’s session two action, finishing with 24 points in 17 minutes. 6-4 2023 Meanstreets guard with strong relocation instincts and a knockdown stroke off the catch.

Numerous 2025’s off to highly impressive starts to the summer, including Darryn Peterson near the top of the list. 6-5 guard with advanced movement patterns, pace, nuanced intermediate shot-making tools, enticing physical indicators, quick burst and craft.

Monumental first EYBL session for Tyler McKinley in Indy. The Ohio native presented upside as the top 2024 big prospect. 6-9 big is at his best as a mid-post creator & release valve. Elite hands, versatile playmaking, high level processing & strong spatial awareness.

Carter Bryant has excelled displaying his unique set of tools while being flanked by two five-star scorers. Big-bodied 6-8 2024 wing with strong instincts as a cutter and playmaker. Intriguing flashes and palpable upside as an initiator and second-side slasher.

Came away impressed after a dive into Josh Pickett's SO campaign with and the 6-5 guard hasn't skipped a beat on the EYBL stage. Heady, crafty and balanced 2024 scorer with extended range. Owns offers from Northern Illinois and Eastern Mich.

Strong session two for Jelani Hamilton, who’s due for a rise nationally. 6-6 shot maker with a fluid stroke and elevation. 2023 G with off-ball feel, an enticing shot profile and transition productivity. Auburn, Alabama Illinois, Georgia, Va Tech and others involved.

Catch & shoot exhibition this weekend from Jason Asemota. The 6-8 five-star wing put up 22 PPG on 55% FG and 39% 3PT (7.8 3PA per game). UNC, Oregon, Kansas, Seton Hall & Duke among others are involved with the highly touted 2024 prospect.

Hard-pressed to find a more nuanced, polished spot up scorer in the EYBL than Kon Knueppel. 6-5 2024 wing with high level footwork, movement shooting, ample touch, mid-post creation and quick-hit decision-making. Scoring 21.3 PPG through two sessions.

Great to see a healthy Chris Riddle after nagging injuries and a minimized role as the lone underclassmen on a deep AZ Compass roster this year. Well-built 6-5 2024 guard with pronounced downhill slashing tools. Explosive and rugged defending in space.

Like the makeup of Troy Jenkins as a shooter, connector and second-side scorer. 6-4 2024 guard with a quick trigger, relocation instincts, a balanced stroke and palpable confidence. Heady floor spacer to flank Asemota and Palmer.

Easy to see the long-term appeal of Trent Sisley while playing up a level with 16's. Fluid athlete, shoots it easy and is fearless attacking the cup. The 6-7 2025 wing shot 51% from the field and 42% from deep in Indy. Early offers from IU and Purdue.

Bullish on Bryson Cokley as a riser throughout the remainder of the summer with CP3. 6-6 2024 wing with attentiveness and lateral quickness guarding the ball. Fluid, balanced and versatile shooter. Owns offers from Wake Forest and UCSD.

Vyctorius Miller continues to add more layers as a high usage advantage creator. Quick-hit decisions & slinky movement patterns. Things become increasingly interesting as the 6-5 2024 guard adds more muscle. Announced last week he's headed to play for AZ Compass next year.

Tyler Bey looks like a strong candidate rise nationally this summer. The 6-8 rangy 2023 wing is an elite positional rebounder even given his slight frame. Positive shooting indicators, energetic and a timely cutter with physical upside.

A lot to like with what Bishop Boswell brings to the table on both ends. 6-4 2024 two-sport athlete with toughness, a strong feel on the ball, paint touch production, dynamic in the open floor and a rugged, malleable defender.

TJ Robinson continues to trend upwards following a strong campaign in the NIBC with Bishop Walsh and now as the offensive engine with NJ Scholars 16s. 6-2 2024 guard oozing with craft. Strong screen navigation, pace, high level handle and extensive shooting range.

Christian Humphrey-Rembert popped back in January at the La Porte Invitational with La Lumiere due to his energy & physical tools. The 6-8 2024's motor & explosiveness has been ultra-impactful across settings with Bates Fundamental. Switchable, long and aggressive.

Elijah Gertrude's stock has begun to gain steam but remains largely undervalued. Rangy 6-4 2023 guard is a high level defensive processor with quick hands, an explosive leaper and fluid slasher. The City Rocks guard has earned offers from St. Peters and Siena.

One school is going to be ecstatic to land Alex Odam. Cerebral 6-3 lead guard with high level floor mapping feel, touch finishes, timing as a playmaker and a go-to float game. Samford, UAB and Mercer are among the Alabama native's current offers.

Nick Petronio reeled in his first offer from Dartmouth after putting up 14.5 PPG (50% FG / 52% 3PT) in Indy. 6-4 2024 guard is a heady processor and plus shooter off the catch and as well as off the dribble. Advanced vision, connective traits and a high IQ.

Big weekend for Sammie Yeanay, building intrigue as a 6-8 vertical and horizontal floor spacer. Well-built volume rebounder with rim-running production. The 2024 big out of Florida recently added an offer from Alabama to join what looks to be a growing list.

Expecting Amari McCottry to gain more traction on the recruiting trail as a productive 6-5 wing scorer and plus athlete. Well-built slasher with toughness and physical upside.

Marcus Allen has been a mismatch machine with the through two sessions. Tough slasher, aggressive to get downhill and smooth touch in the intermediate. 19 PTS (59% FG) and 7 REB per game in Indy. Miami and Florida State have offered the 6-6 2024 wing.

Few things left to say about Jamari Phillips shot-making ability, but the five-star 2024 guard has taken it to another level through two sessions. Potent space creator with extended range. The 6-2 guard added a UCLA offer after putting up 18 PPG in Indy.

Paint touches come in bunches for Rob Wright III. Strong feel in the PnR, using pace & feel to collapse defenses. Offensive engine, handles well in pressure & embraces contact at the cup. 6-1 2024 G with offers from Syracuse, VCU & Miami among others.

Hot start to the summer continued on for Keenan Emmanuel in Indy. 6 foot 2024 guard with dynamic pace, change of direction and pull-up shooting touch. Hard-nosed defending at the point of attack. Early interest includes Oregon, UConn, Syracuse and UCLA.

Good moments this weekend from Wesley Tubbs. 6-7 2023 wing with ultra functional athleticism, switchability and positive skill development. SMU, NC State, Cincy, Providence and Ole Miss among those involved.

Hard to ignore Duane Thompson's tools and productivity as a rangy four with quick downhill burst and flexibility. The 6-8 2024 Boston native owns offers from Seton Hall and Bryant among others. One to keep an eye on as a riser.

Reid Ducharme continues to add more offers and it's easy to see the scalability of the 6-6 shooter. Comfortable in a low usage off-ball role and gets his shoot off with repetitive mechanics in the face of pressure.

My mid-season dive into Jalen Haralson while at Fishers (IN) left me bullish on his stature as a bluechip prospect in 2025. Playing up alongside Sisley, Haralson had no trouble asserting himself physically in a high usage scoring role.

There's an argument Team United's 16 group has been the most impressive team through two sessions. Jarin Stevenson range, versatility and interior production have been eye-catching. Scott, Prunty and Tchanda have all had their fair share of moments.

It's been a winding path for Eric Dailey, just yesterday announcing he'll participate in the Adidas Next Generation tournament in Belgrade. Through two sessions with the Georgia Stars, he's asserted himself physically and has benefitted from a wing creator role but remains at his best as a stretch four attacking closeouts.

More of the same from Jaiden Glover in Indy. Will be interesting to check the numbers following all sessions, but the 6-6 wing has shot extremely well from deep. Palpable confidence and quick decisions in a low usage wing role.

Karson Templin's (2023) skillset caught my eye and one I'd expect mid-majors to begin calling. A skilled 6-7 four with strong hands, good playmaking feel and intriguing trailer shooter tools. 

Enjoyed Labaron Philon's offensive creativity, nuanced handle and space creation. The 6-3 2024 guard owns offers from LSU, Alabama and Auburn among others.

Jakhi Howard's progress as a shooter is a trait to continue tracking in the upcoming sessions. Comfortable and confident pulling off the catch. The five-star 6-6 2024 wing is garnering attention from a collection of SEC, Big 12 and ACC programs.

Jayden Harper has continued to fill out his 6-7 frame while adding functional athleticism. The 2024 wing produced at volume in Indy and is one to keep close tabs on early on out West.

Ashton Simmons earned his first two offers and is another to keep an eye on moving forward. Hard-nosed 6-3 guard is at his best playing downhill, rugged defending out in space and a strong athlete.

More production from Isaiah Watts, who's due to garner more traction after officially sliding back to the 2023 class. Long and rangy with fluid shooting off the catch and strong indicators off the bounce.

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