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Film Review: Spring Circuit Session 3 and Southern Showdown

By Max Feldman, 05/11/22, 10:30AM CDT


Southern Showdown

Cooper Flagg’s natural ability and processing jumps off the screen. Craft, fluidity, pinpoint timing in rotation and elite hands. The 6-7 Maine United wing is in the mix as the top prospect in 2025 and has been a MADE mainstay over the last few years.

John Gamble || 6-6 SWFL Hoops 2023 wing

Bouncy two-way wing with shooting upside. Strong positional rebounder, disruptive defensively and fluid and functional athleticism.

Spring Circuit Session 3

Will be hard-pressed to find an athlete with equivalent functionality, explosiveness, energy & range as Chris Washington in 2026. 6-7 Tre Mann Elite wing glassed a collection of should-be layups. Lofty physical indicators & hints of more to tap into on the perimeter.

Faizon Brandon || 6-4 Boo Williams 2026 wing

Well-built two-way wing with toughness. Physical upside, shooting indicators, rebounding and defensive imprint.

Three weeks after reeling in offers from Alabama, Auburn and Georgia among others, Caleb Holt (2026) continued to assert his dominance on the Spring Circuit. Lethal, aggressive downhill athlete at 6-5, CnS progression, live dribble playmaking and offensive malleability.

Herly Brutus || 6-5 Tre Mann Elite 2026 wing

Ultra-flexible and fluid wing athlete with juice off the dribble. Rim pressure, energy and notable movement skills.

JJ Andrews || 6-4 Brad Beal Elite 2026 wing

Continued his spring surge in Orlando. Versatile scoring impact, space creation, foul drawing and interior playmaking.

Sam Funches IV || 6-9 Iso Joe (AR) 2026 big

Mobile rim runner with quick pop and ample length. Hard-nosed, heady cutter and positionally sound.

Cameron Lomax || 6 foot Campbell Elite 2026 guard

Heady combo guard with volume paint touch production. Catch and shoot fluidity, mature pace and advantage creation.

Jordan Harris || 6-6 Iso Joe (AR) 2026 forward

Big-bodied score-first forward with functional athleticism and physicality. Roaring motor, strong positional handle and hard-nosed offensive hub.

Brayden Fogle || 6-5 All Ohio Sumner 2026 wing

Followed a strong session 2 in Fort Wayne with another impressive weekend in Orlando. Versatile scorer with physicality at the cup, pop and rim pressure.

Felipe Quinones || 6-3 Jet Academy 2026 wing

Do-it-all wing with very strong processing traits, craft and energy. Timely cutter, heady playmaker and versatile finisher.

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