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April & May Risers To Keep Tabs On Heading Into July

By Max Feldman, 07/01/22, 8:00AM CDT


With final sessions and circuit championships just around the corner, April and May risers have the chance to cement their rising stock. Between the EYBL, 3SSB and UAA, below is a list of prospects who stuck out as risers early in the summer both live and on tape. Look forward to getting an updated look at many of the following, including out in South Carolina next weekend.


  • Carey Booth 6-11 big (Colorado)
  • Kaden Cooper 6-6 guard (Oklahoma)
  • Eddie Ricks III 6-8 wing (Tennessee)
  • Mayar Wol 6-8 wing (North Carolina)
  • Jordan Burks 6-9 wing (Florida)
  • Isaiah Manning 6-7 wing (Texas)
  • Jelani Hamilton 6-6 wing (Georgia)
  • Sam Lewis 6-6 guard (Illinois)
  • Tyler Bey 6-8 wing (California)


  • Jalik Dunkley-Distant 6-7 guard (Canada)
  • Tyler McKinley 6-9 big (Ohio)
  • Rakease Passmore 6-5 guard (North Carolina)
  • Jaiden Glover 6-6 wing (New York)
  • Carter Bryant 6-8 wing (California)
  • Bryson Cokley 6-6 guard (North Carolina)
  • Jonathan Powell 6-5 guard (Ohio)
  • Kany Tchanda 6-9 big (North Carolina)
  • Sammie Yeanay 6-8 big (Florida)
  • Kur Teng 6-4 guard (Massachusetts)

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