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Midwest MSA: Ascensions and Developments

By Max Feldman, 08/02/22, 10:15AM CDT


Hosting over 300 players, MADE's Midwest MSA in Romeoville held a vast collection of national headliners and local standouts all under one roof. I dove into a variety of 2026's along with a few 27's and 28's who showed notable developments or burst on to the scene in their own right.


AJ Dybantsa
6-7 Wing // Boston, Ma // 15.5 years old

Just one week after getting his first glimpse of the national limelight at Peach Jam, Dybantsa continued to dominate in Chicago and showed further marginal growth. No matter the setting, the Boston native has brought relentless energy, a vocal presence and intentness over the course of the last 12 months. With a loaded group of big wings on scene, Dybantsa gave similarly-tooled wings all they could handle as a multi-level scorer with fluid movement skills, a dynamic handle and touch firing off balance. The points of progression over recent months continue to stem from playmaking, as the 6-7 15-year-old consistently made the right play in the open floor over the back-end of the weekend. For a scorer who can generate his own shot with relative ease, the uptick in positive decision-making as a passer has been a work in progress but all the indicators as of late have been heavily optimistic. The All-Star game isolation possession poster-dunk will be the highlight, but Dybantsa growth in the margins as a processor and shooter with versatility were my two biggest takeaways.

Alex Constanza
6-8 Wing // Miami, Fl // 15.8 years old

Constanza impressed last weekend in Chicago playing up at the 16U level in the final live period and furthered intrigue this weekend playing within his own class. A lively, well-built wing athlete with ample mobility and strong defensive instincts. The Miami native was highly impactful defending on-ball as an event creator, turning slashes into loose balls or fastbreaks going the other way. A volume rebounder and sound, compact shooter off the catch. Over the ladder half of the weekend, Constanza stood out in more on-ball duties. Getting to the rim and posing mismatch issues with his mature frame, crafty footwork and subtle pace as a slasher. Two consecutive weekends provided enough sample to tout Constanza as a headliner in a loaded 2026 wing class.

Nasir Price
6-3 guard // houston, tx // 15.5 years old

A national headliner and a name to know at the top of 2026, Nas Price pace, natural talent and intricate skill level were front and center in Chicago. Long and wiry with a snappy handle, Price was prolific as an offense engine. Firing live dribble passes coming off the pick and roll, mixing stride lengths to get to his feathery runner at the nail and leveraging his pace to create quick advantages in the half-court. Soft touch as a pull-up shooter as well as a knack for leveraging his shooting gravity to reel in on-ball defenders with his hang dribble and get to the cup. The Houston native epitomizes juice off the dribble and is among the most advanced creators in the class on a national front.  

JJ Andrews
6-4 guard // little rock, ar // 14.3 years old

Camp settings provide a different scope on prospects, as often high usage guards who can steal the show and control offense. While Andrews has repeatedly shown the ability to get his over the last six months, the setting shined a light on his slew of advanced intangibles. A brisk processor on both ends with constant selflessness. The strong, hard-nosed guard was extremely impressive on the defensive end in rotation. Meeting bigs at the rim, anticipating passes and producing stocks at volume. In an isolation-heavy setting, the Arkansas native purposefully hit the glass and sparked the break with his floor-mapping instincts and quick burst to get catch defenses in semi-transition. Vast majority of prospects don't provide winning value across each setting or they require the ball to be doing so, but Andrews, who's young for his class, has shown just that. 

Marquis Clark
6-2 guard // chicago, il // 14.4 years old

In a wing heavy class and a Sunday All-Star game littered with length, Marquis Clark impressed as an advantage creator and floor general. The Chicago native was steady, in control and unbothered by the length surrounding him come the weekend's final game comprised of the top 2026 talent on tap. The 6-2 guard changes gears exceptionally fast at the point of attack, getting to the heart of the defense and finishing consistently with craft. Inside hand quick finishes to avoid shot blockers, snaking pick and rolls to carve out space for his bigs and aggression using his sturdy frame to get downhill. Headed to Whitney Young in the fall, the rugged, bursty and physical scorer displayed enhanced polish and nuance as a ball handler and slasher.

Ladarius Givan
6-8 Wing // Montgomery, Al // 14.8 years old

Givan has been on an upward climb over the last month and closed the summer with a very positive showing in Chicago. A fluid mover and bouncy vertical athlete, Givan flew around on the defensive both matching up with bigs in the post and switching onto guards. A relentless grab and go threat with a blossoming off the bounce skillset. Given his highly functional handle for his size, Givan posed mismatch issues blending his handle, length and burst to attack the rim off the dribble. The 6-8 wing was comfortable shooting off the catch from beyond the arc and provided only positive indicators in that area. The Alabama native owns a highly appealing collection of tools and the motor to match, making him one of the more intriguing long-term bets in the class.

Jaden Teyan
6-8 Wing // somerset, nj // 15.0 years old

Teyan leapt out with his robust physical tools, defensive impact and immense upside. A strong, physical wing with functional athleticism and positive indicators in terms of his touch.  Active, energetic and aggressive with big time ball skills. In an ancillary role, Teyan provided value defending multiple spots, producing on the boards and making quick-hit decisions as a cutter and slasher. Through drills and live action, Teyan displayed touch getting to his runner in the paint and firing with space in spot up situations. The Jersey native closes gaps on the defensive end in a hurry with his length and mobility. Headed to Rutgers Prep in the fall, the big wing has a surplus of tools and an appealing foundation to build upon.

Sam Funches
6-10 big // germantown, ms // 14.3 years old

Funches has quickly evolved into a headliner in 2026 over the last few months and produced more flashes that simply aren't mimicked by his peers. The 6-10 big is a true rim deterrence and defensive anchor with his sound positionality and feel for disrupting the rhythm of drivers with his length. Plus hands and strong feel as a rebounder, Funches has range and closes quickly on the glass. The wiry big is extremely comfortable operating out of the baseline, getting to his tear drop and soft touch mid-range game. Indicators of touch mixed with an elevated release thats tough to contest for anyone at this stage make for an intriguing case as he continues to add strength.  The 14-year-old received seven offers since the beginning of July.

Tim Winkler
6-9 big // chicago, il // 15.2 years old

Winkler has long been discussed among the top prospects in his class, but stood out this weekend due to noticeable progression in a variety of areas. The Chicago native showed greater decisiveness as an offense hub and more functionality as a slasher. Nimble footwork with a quick second jump, Winkler filled it up in the paint and found more success as a grab and go source of offense. With big time physical tools, he's made strides in terms of balance and ball skills over the course of the last few months. Headed to IMG Academy in the fall, Winkler has a strong baseline to build on as a mobile frontcourt scorer.

Paul osaruyi 
6-8 wing //  Toronto, ontario // 14.4 years old

Osaruyi burst onto the scene in February from largely unknown to one of the most promising prospects between the 26/27/28 classes. Now up to 6-8, the 14-year-old has a tantalizing blend of movement skills, shooting touch and handle craft. Overflowing with physical upside, the Canadian wing creates separation getting downhill, has versatility as a shot-maker and overwhelms defenders with his length to finish around and explosiveness to finish over the top at the rim. Aligning as one of the more fascinating tracks looking ahead.

Stephen Brown
 6-8 wing // Chicago, Il // 14.1 years old

The incoming Marist wing screams with upside. 6-8 and just turned 14 years old, the Flossmoor, IL native was one of the youngest 2026's on tap. Fluid shooting indicators off the catch, hard-nosed, hyperactive on the glass and as a cutter and disrupted slashers in off and on ball duties defensively. Both vertically and laterally, the Brown is a big time athlete with length, fluidity and highly enticing collective foundation of movement skills.

DeAnthony McJames
5-10 guard // st. louis, mo // 15.8 years old

McJames came out firing on all cylinders from the jump of gameplay. A high volume paint touch producer with an ease for creating advantages in the half-court, forcing rotations and capitalizing as a downhill decision-maker. A blur end-to-end, the creative guard shifts gears in a hurry, gets to the line and is a big's best friend, producing myriads of clean looks from the dunkers spot. Rim pressure is the name of the game for the St. Louis native and was a terror to cage up at the point of attack all weekend.

More Notes

- Son of 16 year NBA veteran , Erick Dampier Jr stands at 6-6 with a near 7 foot wingspan at 12 years old. Mobile with touch inside the arc, feel as a rim deterrence and growing functionality as a grab and go creator. Lining up as one of the more high profile tracks over the coming years.

- Left the gym very bullish on Jahmai Samuel-Maragh. The 14 year old had dominant moments on day one as a lead guard and high volume creator. Highly skilled with strong pace, the 6-1 guard excelled stringing out his dribble to manipulate defenses and get to his craft-based scoring.

- An MSA participant for just the second day of action, Claude Mpouma intrigued as a big-bodied forward with nimble feet and vertical explosiveness. Created separation on drives, showed indicators of a functional handle and displayed an enticing blend of ball skills, strength and burst worth tracking closely looking ahead. The 6-7 athlete arrived to Chicago last week from Cameroon. 

- Sometimes when you know, you know and it was easy to see that Howard Williams is going to be a big-time prospect down the line. 6-5 wing at 14 years old, Williams has a mature frame that bears upside, shot blocking instincts and touch from beyond the arc. 

- Strong showing from Jordan Bowens in Sunday Top 20 All-Star game. Ohio native is a physical and fluid slasher with touch around the rim and a notable motor. 

- Few matched the production of Jordan Bender on the glass. Early skillset reminiscent to incoming Indiana FR big, Malik Reneau. High motor, a strong frame and a knack for finishing through length at the cup.

- Productive weekend from Jamson Coulter, one of Chicago's top up and coming prospects. 6-2 guard is adept at turning the corner, putting pressure on the rim, attacking angles to get to his spots and shot the ball well off the catch. Skilled and versatile guard with toughness.

- Hard to argue anyone in the building was as physically imposing as Arafan Diane. Still 14 years old, the Canadian big stands at 6-11 with strength to his frame. While he's become a must-know in the class of 2026 over the last year, I came away bullish on Diane's trajectory as a spot up shooter, showing distinct touch off the catch throughout drills. 

- Hard-pressed to find more refined skill in an alike aged prospect than Kameron Mercer. Cincy native and 12-year-old wing with a smooth pull-up game, mature pace and multi-level touch.

- One of multiple Wisconsin natives who stood out, Yusef Gray Jr's nose for the rim, positional size and burst to get downhill caught my eye. An ultra-functional athlete and a competitive motor to go with it.

- A lot to like with Oscar Patterson's projection as a long, rangy wing athlete filled with energy. Strong ball skills, speed, activity on the glass, thrives in transition and lofty defensive upside.

- Incoming St. Rita guard Andre Tyler strung together a pair of positive days. A skilled ball handler with plus feel initiating in the pick and roll, intriguing playmaking reads, quick change of direction and strong pace to get to his spots.

- Jayden Williams was exceedingly impressive on day two of MSA action. Long and rangy at 6-3 with fluid athleticism, ball skills and immense upside as one of the younger 2026's on tap.

- Gustavo Roca leapt out with his overall skill level, instincts and craft off the dribble. Creative pace-based creation and a feel for shaking the defender on his hip to convert on tough looks in the half-court.

- Easy to see the feel, processing and understanding of the game with Rykan Woo. Fluid stroke from deep, plus off-ball instincts and craft attacking closeouts.

- A big bodied slasher with a productive blend of burst and strength, Aiden Bolden posed mismatch issues all weekend in a group filled with length. 6-4 Tennessee native displayed a strong feel for carving out angles to get to the cup.

- Came away impressed by Jayden Newell's pace and creativity attacking off the dribble. Bursty lead guard with a crafty float game and creativity getting to pockets of space inside the arc.

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