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Experiences and Expectations

By Trae Young, 09/18/15, 1:00PM EDT


Trae Young writes his second player blog entry for GiveNGo on MADE Hoops

Trae Young finished off a great summer.

Hey everyone this is Trae Young and I am back with my second player blog entry for GiveNGo on MADE Hoops. I just wanted to update everyone on what's new with me. I've gotten the chance after a very busy summer to be home and spend time with my family. Everything at home has been great. Just to relax and get back to my normal routine is great. Also being around my friends from school has been good. 
My main goal for this high school season is to win a State Championship. This could be my last year in high school in Norman, Oklahoma so I want to help win the first ever championship for the school and city. My role will be the same as always, just do what it takes to win and be a leader. July and August finished great for me. I was disappointed MoKan didn't win the Peach Jam, but we'll be back. Individually, I played well as I led the Peach Jam in assists and was top five in scoring. We did finish the summer winning our last tourney in Kansas City. The team played great as a unit. The most meaningful moment hands down was getting to take The Trip to the Bahamas. Just being named one of twelve to go was an honor as well as having the opportunity for my parents to go. That EYBL All Star team would've been hard to beat by any elite grassroots All Star team without a doubt. 
I feel my first year with MoKan Elite went well. It could have been a lot better because we feel should have made the final of the Peach Jam. We beat the Georgia Stars earlier in the season. I could've done some things better to get us to the championship. I will do those things next year and THAT'S A PROMISE. 
I've gone back to my regular routine by training with my dad, some of the local NBA players and college players in the Oklahoma City area. I'm just always training for something bigger someday. My game has developed tremendously in regards to my mental approach and the skill level. I've always been around the game and I've been taught a lot. I believe my game translates to the next level more than other players, so I'm just working on perfecting my strengths and recognizing my weaknesses so I can improve those. Development comes with preparation and hard work, and that has always been my two focuses. 
Recruiting is going well for me so far. A lot of schools are coming in weekly to see me, but my focus is on being prepared for that stage in the next two  years. I want to make an impact from day one and the only way to do that is by perfecting my strengths and improving my weaknesses. I haven't gone on any visits yet besides the local ones here in Big 12 country. I will visit Kentucky for Big Blue Madness, Kansas for Late Night in the Phog and UCLA next month. Oklahoma, Michigan, TCU, Missouri, Oklahoma State, Houston, Texas Tech, SMU, UCLA, and some others visited me at my school last week. 
As many already know Mike Porter and I would like to play in college together. We still want to play together and probably will. We talk about it all the time. Our focus right now is winning for our high schools and then seeing what the rosters look like after the college season.
I plan on cutting down my list sometime in December. It's getting crazy and overwhelming, so pretty soon I'll sit down with my parents and talk about it. As well as talk to Mike about it because we are going to try to keep it the same.
Family means a great deal to me and it awesome being around them. I have two sisters and a little brother. My mom stays home and takes care of the family. My dad is in the medical field and also takes great care of us. My family is very religious and my grandfather is a Baptist preacher so we are always in church. I realize that I'm blessed compared to others, but I also thank God for my family and blessings. I come from a basketball family and athletic background.
I'm just a kid born in Lubbock, Texas that also lived in Europe for years watching my dad play basketball. I now live in Oklahoma and now it's my turn. I'm a kid who has been blessed to always be around good people, religious people, smart people, famous people, rich and poor people. The most important thing is that I've learned from them all. I'm just looking to become the best role model I can be. If that's through the game of basketball, then that's in God's hands. I'm also looking to become the best guard in America. I'll never be able to do some of the things other great players can do, but they'll never be able to do some things that I can. My basketball goals are to win state, Peach Jam and a high school prep championship. If those three things can happen in the next two years people won't be asking, "Who is Trae Young?" 
Thanks to everyone for taking the time to read my latest blog entry for GiveNGo on MADE Hoops. Definitely stay tuned for more in the future!

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