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Session 2 Standouts: Division A

01/29/2016, 7:30pm CST
By Pat Lawless

Division A players didn't shy away from the New England spotlight as many stood out

Jeremy Roach (Team Takeover Black, Guard)

Team Takeover Black guard Jeremy Roach was without a doubt one of the most intriguing prospects at session two of the Lea8ue. Roach had one of the most clutch performances of the weekend in a 61-49 win over NY Lightning. Roach led the game in scoring with 20 points. Without his performance in this one there is a chance that the Lightning would have handed Takeover Black their first loss. Roach is explosive guard that isn’t afraid of contact. He is one of the key reasons why they are undefeated heading into session three. 

Terrance Williams (Team Takeover Black, Forward)

Terrence Williams shined once again in session two. Williams averaged 14 points per game and 4 rebounds per game in New England. With yet another successful weekend Williams is proving once again why he is looked as one of the best prospects in the Lea8ue. He scores in the paint and slashes the lane at a very high level. Whenever he is on the floor he is a definite matchup problem because of his versatility. Both he and Roach want to finish session three with a perfect record heading into Championship Weekend. 

Ryan Conway (Team Melo, Guard)

18.75 points per game speaks for itself. 7th grade point guard Ryan Conway played up once again this session and held no mercy on his opponents. Conway scored in various ways especially in his game against Expressions Elite. The Team Melo guard scored 33 points in a 56-53 loss and did everything he could to lead his team to a win. Conway also separated himself from others with his playmaking ability. The future is definitely bright for him as long as he continues to progress. He and the rest of his Melo teammates look to come away with some key victories in session three to put them in a good position to gain a playoff berth for Championship Weekend. 

Che Evans Jr. (Team Melo, Forward)

Team Melo small forward Che Evans averaged 12.3 points per game in the three games he took part in. Evans was a huge reason why Melo started off the weekend with a 51-32 victory over Team Final Black. He scored 17 points and grabbed 15 rebounds in the win. He was hard to stop as he was going one hundred percent throughout the entire game. Evans had another solid performance against the Brooklyn Rens where he poured in 14 points and grabbed 7 boards. Evans heads back to the DMV for session three as it is being held at DeMatha Catholic. He looks to impress and come away with a playoff berth when the session finishes. 

Posh Alexander (NY Lightning, Guard)

NY Lightning point guard Posh Alexander averaged 15 points per game in session two of the Lea8ue. The tough NYC native led his team to a 2-1 record through session two. His most impressive game was his performance against the NY Gauchos where he scored 18 points and grabbed 13 rebounds. His athleticism and playmaking ability are some of the main reasons why he is regarded as one of the top players in the Lea8ue. Alexander heads into D.C. with the mindset of leading his team to earning a high playoff seed for Championship Weekend. 

Trey Hall (NY Lightning, Forward)

After a slow first session of play Trey Hall stepped for NY Lightning in a big way. In three games he averaged 11.6 points per game and 5.6 rebounds per game. Hall showed a great amount of versatility as he was taking his man off the wing as well as working in the post. He is a necessary piece to Lightning and when he plays up to his ability the team benefits from it greatly. Hall will have to step up once again in session three as regular season play concludes and playoff seeds are established. 

Jaemyn Breakfield (NY Lightning, Forward)

A key piece to NY Lightning was added this past session in power forward Jaemyn Breakfield. The 6’7” stretch power forward adds another dimension to this already talented New York based team with his size and presence. He did a great job in the paint both offensively and defensively. In his first session with the team he quickly adjusted to their style of play. Breakfield had a good performance against Team Takeover Black where he scored 10 points and went 5-6 from the field. Lightning are a team to look out for especially with this addition. 

Kurtis Henderson (Expressions Elite, Guard)

Expressions Elite were heading into their last game of the weekend with the mindset of getting a win before heading back home and they did just that. They came away from session two with their first win and Kurtis Henderson was a main component to that 56-53 win over Team Melo. Henderson scored 12 points, which largely came from his ability to get to the foul line. He went 7-11 from the free throw line. Down the stretch these free throws proved to be of much importance as Expressions came away with a three point win. Henderson and Expressions will look to keep this up and come away with more wins like this in session 3.

Kareem May (Brooklyn Rens, Guard)

Kareem May had another impressive scoring session as he averaged 15.2 points per game and 7.2 rebounds per game. May is one of the top scorers throughout the Lea8ue, the Brooklyn native does a great job getting into the lane and finishing. The BK Rens place a lot of responsibility on his shoulders and so far he has answered the call. This next session will be a huge one for him and the rest of the BK Rens as they will battle for a playoff berth. 

Tahron Allen (Brooklyn Rens, Forward)

Brooklyn Rens forward Tahron Allen came to play in session two as he averaged 9.2 points per game. Allen is another player the BK Rens rely upon for rebounds and scoring in the lane. He shined in their game against the NY Gauchos where he dropped 15 points. The BK Rens lost to the Gauchos, but Allen kept them in the game and played up to his potential. He will need to do the same next session for the BK Rens in D.C.

Marcus Burnett (Brooklyn Rens, Guard/Forward)

Marcus Burnett made his Lea8ue debut in New England and he definitely left his mark. His best performance came from his game against Team Melo. Burnett scored 16 points and led his team to a 59-46 win. He was doing a great job at slashing from the wing and finishing through contact. His addition makes the Brooklyn Rens that much more dynamic and it adds another scorer they can turn to in key games. Burnett looks to bring this same intensity into session three.  

R.J. Davis (NY Gauchos, Guard)

R.J. Davis may have had the most impressive weekend out of anyone in session two. Davis averaged 21 points per game in New England and led his team to 5-2 record heading into the third session of the Lea8ue. Davis has a tight handle and uses it to break down his defenders on the perimeter. His ability to score by slashing or shooting from the outside is very impressive. He has helped put his team in a good spot in terms of the standings heading into D.C.

Demarco Watson (NY Gauchos, Guard)

NY Gauchos guard Demarco Watson shined in their game against Team Melo where he dropped 18 points, grabbed 5 rebounds and had 4 assists. Watson can score in many different ways, but is at his best when getting into the lane and creating for himself or his teammates. Watson can score it a high level, but his passing ability is impressive as well. The NYC guard will look to continue his success into D.C. 

Kelvin Smith (NY Gauchos, Forward)

NY Gauchos wing Kelvin Smith came to play in their 70-44 win against Team Final Black. Smith dropped 19 points with him going 7-11 from the field. Smith adds another element to the team when he plays like this. The Gauchos are expecting this from him going into the final session of regular season play. With this performance from Smith it makes this NY Gauchos team that much more intriguing. 

Da’Mir Baez (Team Final Black, Forward)

Team Final Black forward Da’Mir Baez stepped up for his team in their game against Team Melo. Baez scored 13 points and grabbed 8 rebounds. Baez is a player that Final Black expects a lot out of and will heading into session three. Baez is an impressive low post scorer and isn’t afraid of contact. He is a necessary piece to this Final Black team and will continue to be going forward.

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