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Tilquan Rucker | South Bronx Prep's 5'7 Scoring Machine

02/10/2017, 3:00pm CST
By Leo Jorge

Tilquan Rucker, the 5'7 PG of South Bronx Prep, is currently averaging 38 PPG, 10.53 RPG and 10.12 APG.

Tilquan Rucker (Photo by Cheick Fofana)

Tilquan Rucker (Photo by Cheick Fofana)


You've probably heard of the "South Bronx Prep kid" that scored 101 points, 24 assists and 26 rebounds in TWO games. Well that "kid" is South Bronx's Star, 5'7 senior PG Tilquan Rucker.

On Wednesday, we had the chance to watch Tilquan lead his team to a 91-66 victory over the HS of Info & Network Technology. In the course of the victory, Rucker scored 42 points, 15 assists & 14 rebounds.

Tilquan is a lightning quick PG that has displayed a fantastic ability to score, rebound & make his teammates better. Whether he was on the bench or in the game, Rucker cheered for his guys when they made good plays.

Now averaging 38 PPG, 10.53 RPG and 10.12 APG, Tilquan made a huge leap from last season. In his junior year, Rucker averaged 22.13 PPG, 6.13 RPG and 6.94 APG. Although last season's numbers are impressive, it's tough for players to get recognized in PSAL's "B" division. Nevertheless, Rucker made it happen.

Defenders have had trouble staying in front of Tilquan all season. His mix of athleticism and ball-handling ability makes Rucker a nightmare for opposing teams. In addition to a good shooting ability, he's great on the break and driving to the basket. Tilquan told us "I think my greatest strengths are dribbling, penetrating and setting my teammates up. As far as my weaknesses, I think I really need to work on free throws and just sharpen up the edges of my game so that I can become a dominant player."

If you've ever watched a South Bronx Prep home game, you would agree that he's a fan favorite; the kids love Tilquan. He told us "I didn't really have an idea of how far I would go with this." Coach told him that he's on pace to lead the city in scoring, so Rucker responded accordingly.

Although Tilquan knows that he needs to prove himself on a higher level, he also added "Don't let it fool you. I've played well against some of the top players and good teams. Just because I had 60 here, doesn't mean I can't do it in the A or AA division." As he should, Tilquan is simply making the best out of his situation.

Rucker is a mature kid that will make the most out of his recent exposure. Recruiting information currently only stays between him and his coach, but schools are undoubtedly interested. As the end of the season approaches, Tilquan is hoping that coaches will continue to come to his games.

Although some have taken the JUCO route before the NCAA, the PSAL "B" division has produced D1 players in the past. Perhaps Rucker will be the next star to come from the South Bronx. Keep up the good work Tilquan, you have a bright future!

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