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Rose Lea8ue & 7eague Session 3: Day 2 Standouts

By Robin Dolan & Taaj Ridley, 02/05/18, 2:30PM CST


Sunday's Top Rose Performers

Rose Lea8ue Standouts

Kirah Dandrige | Lady Prime

The combo guard continued her strong play helping her team close out a close one to end Session 3. She produced another double double going for 20 points and 14 rebounds. Her most impressive quality is her ability to see the floor off defensive rebounds. She is able to take you off the dribble and finish on either side of the rim. 

Mijahe Hayes | Philly Triple Threat

This guard continues to be the motor for this team. She has a high IQ and demonstrated her passing ability keeping her team in a close game Sunday morning.  She can knock down the set three, and has a quick first step to take defenders off the dribble. She is a strong on ball defender with quick hands. 

Jaylin Talley | Charles County Warriors

This post player showed her dominance on Sunday scoring from both the high post and the low block. She was able to face up and knock down the short jumper, and also show her versatility from the high post using a strong head fake to get to the rim and finish. Her rebounding ability was untouched, as she again went for a double double scoring 15 points and 14 rebounds in a win for her club. 

Jayla Hearp | BWSL Widows

This forward continued to show her lateral quickness and speed on Sunday. She shot the gap and was able to convert on the other end to help lead her team to a win. She showed she has ability to shoot the long two, and improving her scoring confidence and ability.

Morgan Lee | NY Hoopers

The post player was the difference maker for her team to bounce back and get a win on Sunday. She is a true blue collar post, rebounding and finishing strong on putbacks, and is able to finish off the low block on either side of the basket. Her most improved quality from Session I was on display Sunday morning, as she has shown an improved ability to shoot the mid range jump shot consistently. 

Amaya DelRosario | NY Exodus

The improving post player continued to show her ability to rebound and outlet the ball up the floor to the quick guard on her team. She has shown improved ability to finish on the left side of the basket, and has a growing IQ knowing to kick to an open shooter when the double team comes. She's finding her groove just in time, as the NY Exodus cruise into Championship Weekend mode.

Kam Dorsney | Fairfax Stars Baltimore

This quick, strong guard gave it all she had Sunday morning. She demonstrated she can score the ball in a variety of ways such as shooting the three off the dribble, getting to the rim, and connecting on the pull up in transition. She is a quick on ball defender that was able to force errant passes by applying tough pressure. Most impressively, this guard showed her vocalness and leadership ability throughout her game on Sunday. She really stood out.

Myah Simmons | Team Takeover

The off guard continued to demonstrate she can score the ball in a variety of ways.  She is showing great improvement in her ability to take girls off the dribble and is a consistent set shooter from three. This guard does a great job seeing up the floor in transition and coming back in the play to create additional opportunities for herself. She has a great overall feel for the game and is really piecing it all together nicely. 

Paris Clark | NY Hoopers

After Saturday night's third game resulted in her first loss of the winter in the Rose Lea8ue, Clark insisted on getting the bitter taste out of her mouth.  She played a really good game, and was unstoppable on the offensive end.  From transition, to just breaking down the defense and finishing with either her left or right hand, Paris was cooking to say the least.  She ended the game with 28 points and a solid win over a formidable Fairfax Stars squad. She's definitely a big time talent.

GAME OF THE DAY | Philly Triple Threat vs. Lady PrimeĀ 

This hard fought matchup went down to the wire as Lady Prime pulled off a six point victory, winning 56-50, to the end Session 3. Philly Triple Threat pulled out to a quick 12-0 lead looking like this matchup would be over quick, but the Lady Prime stuck with it and were able to come back and close it out in the end. Lady Prime was lead by Taniya Lawson and Kirah Dandridge combining for 36 of the team’s 56 points.  Kirah’s ability to see the floor and create in transition proved too much for the Philly Triple Threat. Philly Triple Threat did not go away quietly, as this game was back and forth the entire rest of the way. MIjahe Hayes lead her team not only with her ability to score, but by doing the little things that do not always show up on the stat sheet. She recovered many 50/50 balls, which created second opportunities for her club. Both teams competed hard to the end and will be dangerous teams to face during Championship Weekend in PA. 

Honorable Mention: 8th Grade

Tailyah Carter - Philly Triple Threat
Paulina Paris - NYC Exodus
Saniyah Glenn - NYC Exodus
Shamyah Stephenson - BWSL Widows
Naimiah Martin - Tornto Matrix
Chardonny Hartley - NY Hoopers
Delaney Yarborough - Fairfax Stars
Kennedy Clifton - Team Takeover
Taniya Lawson - Lady Prime

Rose 7eague Standouts

Alexis Rosenfeld | Ring City

The post player was dominant Sunday morning despite her team's loss to the NJ Sparks. Alexis had 15 rebounds and 6 blocks for Ring City, as she held down the paint. She played excellent defense by keeping her hands high, using her length, making it hard for opponents to score over her. Alexis is roughly 6 feet in the 7th Grade, and she's definitely going to be a pivotal player in her near future.

Samajah Cobb | NJ Sparks

Cobb is a strong point guard who intimidates defensive opponents with her tenacity to get after it. She isn't afraid to shoot it from deep, and actually has some pin point accuracy. Cobb hit three 3pointers in her Sunday morning win over Ring City.

Gabby Ross | NJ Sparks

Gabby is the "Elmers Glue" to this Sparks team. She holds the core together with her ability to do everything on the floor. Ross rebounds well for her size, is very vocal on both sides of the floor, and knows how to change directions & speeds precisely.  Despite only having 6 points in her win, Ross did many things that don't show up in the stat book to help her team remain undefeated in the league. She brings the toolbox with her, and gets to work on the court!

Jade Tillman | Team Takeover

Even though they didn't advance to championship weekend, Tillman has been stellar all winter in the Rose 7eague. Today was no surprise, Tillman had a triple double with 22 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assist. This point-forward fills it up in all areas of the game, and is really impressive to watch. She will definitely be on the girls basketball radar for some time to come.

Shayne Burton | MCW Starz

Burton attacked the rim with resilience, with her slithering like moves as she sliced and diced to the rim. Burton tallied 11 of her points from the freethrow line, and finished the game with 18 points.  Her ability to get to the line and make plenty opportunities to score for her team makes her very valuable.

Taylor Barbot | Brooklyn Starz

Taylor had 10 points in her loss this afternoon. Barbot is a pass first point guard who knows how to control the team and tempo. She is keen for getting others involved to establish a particular flow to the game, and she is really a floor general in the making.  Barbot displayed some great guard skills, and really exposed her ability to run things out their on the floor as an extension of the coach and identity of the team.

Kamari SimsĀ | Maryland Belles

Sims is a very versatile student-athlete who can play the post or wing. She dribbles at a high caliber and finishes through contact. In her Sunday outing, she recorded 14 points in the win to go along with a hefty amount of steals and rebounds to round out her stellar performance. The MD Belles certainly have some promising talent, and she exemplifies that greatly. 

Honorable Mention: 7th Grade

Jayden Donovan - Lady Prime

Mya Pauldo - Ring City 

Cire Worley - Philly Triple Threat 

Kara Bremser - Nova 94

 Fadima Tall - Nova 94