Unsigned '24 Kani Topuz talks D1 recruitment, prepares for MHC

2024 wing Kani Topuz has a long list of D1 programs that are going to be tracking him in the spring as he plays as an unsigned senior on the MADE Hoops Circuit with 6th Boro. The talented senior spoke with MADE Hoops about the programs involved and what he brings to the table as he's looking for a collegiate home.



Schools Involved: "Lafayette, American, Quinnipiac, Lehigh, LIU, Weber, Iona, Brown, Stonehill, Siena, Buffalo, Loyola MD."

Loyola: "They have a new coach with new ideas who was a big winner, around 80-percent as a head coach when he was coaching D3. He was assistant coach for high major schools, and now he is trying to win more games and bring players who are trying to win as well. I feel like they are a hungry program and I feel like it can be a good fit for me."

Buffalo: "Buffalo is playing in a harder conference with a whole lot more exposure. As far as my goals, yes it is a big opportunity because basketball is my number one priority, and I feel like I can do that there."

Others: "Well Stonehill and Weber our 6th Boro coach is talking to them and they told me that they wanna see me play when I come back from break."

What He's Looking For: "I just want an opportunity to get better every single day whether it's in practice, games, or whatever. I have to have the resources I need to do whatever I want to get to what level I want to get to, which is playing pro. Coaches also play a big role in what I look for. If a coach is genuine with me and wants whats best for me then thats the type of coaches I want to play for, and will die for, and God knows that. So yeah, thats what I'm searching for, to have that trust coming from coaches and the program towards me and I will do whatever it takes to prove why that was the right choice."

MADE Hoops Circuit: "I'm really excited, it's always been fun competing and showcasing my skills in front of all the college coaches that have been at the events  Ready to make a statement!"

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